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Hospitals play an incredibly important role in society. A healthy workforce is essential for a healthy economy and hospitals help to keep the American population alive and well. US hospitals collectively see tens of thousands of patients per day, and for the most part, people tend to come out of hospitals feeling better than when they went in. However, this is not always the case. On occasion, hospitals can make patients more ill or injured than they original were. Worse, some negligent hospital errors can lead to patient deaths. Hospital safety has come a long way in the past couple of years due to urgent pushes for increased safety. Over a span of three years hospital deaths have been reduced by 50,000 patients because of avoidable errors. The problem is that despite these efforts 1,205 hospital error related deaths still occur each and every day. Doctors are currently the third leading cause of death in the United States. In order to address the issues of hospital safety, there are a few  problems that need to be tackled.

Hospital Issues

The issues plaguing hospitals are a mix of regulatory and ethical problems. It’s estimated that approximately 106,000 Americans die from negative side effects caused by drugs taken as prescribed per year. Moreover, 12,000 die from unnecessary surgeries, and 80,000 people pass away from hospital-acquired infections. Drug companies have a nasty habit of illegally marketing drugs for off-label uses and incentivizing doctors to prescribe medications for kickbacks. Patients begin to take medications for problems drugs weren’t approved to help which ultimately results in a slew of unwanted side effects. Furthermore, many doctors try to take advantage of the healthcare system by performing unnecessary surgeries to bill medicare for additional profits. On top of these issues, many of the regulations the government has put in place to fix the healthcare industry have unnecessarily placed larger operating burdens hospitals. Big tech companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon have been working on developing technologies to improve the healthcare industry, but they are finding themselves unusually tied down by regulations and inspections that are either dramatically delaying, or preventing development. With tech development stalled it’s near impossible for the industry as a whole to move forward in becoming safer and more efficient.

How GOBWS Is Helping

Get On Board With Safety is a community of concerned citizens advocating for tighter rules and restrictions on medicare payouts, tighter enforcement on drug regulation, and deregulation of healthcare industry where applicable. While the government has slowly been responding to many of our concerns, they’re actions are dismally insufficient. Much more action is needed for changes to occur within the medical industry. We’re fighting for change as hard as we can, but there’s never enough help. Please get on board with safety and contact us if you’d like to join our cause in making hospitals a safer place for both patients and workers.